Advantages of Multithreading

Various Advantages of Multithreading

multitasking is and advantages of multithreading
Multitasking synonymous with efficiency

Advantages of Multithreading ~ These days the shortage of time has led us to a multitasking activities. Where that multitasking has been synonymous with the needs of efficiency. And that is not an exception for the programming world, a program that does a single task is just not enough anymore.

An efficient program should let the users to do multiple task using the same program at once. And of course, that kind of program can be created using Java programming language. Since Java was the first programming language that introduced Multithreading concept. The concept of Java Multithreading is to simultaneously run or execute tasks, and let the users decide the sequence of an exceution of a java threads.

The following are several advantages of Multithreading :

  • A better use of CPU resource
  • Simplified and streamlined program coding
  • An improvement on GUI responsiveness
  • Enhancing the performance by decreasing development time
  • Decreasing the cost of program maintenance
  • Cache storage is now better used because of resources utilization

Althought there are advantages of Multithreading, it also has some weakness or disadvantages. Here are some list of it :

  • Multithreading leads to unpredictable results
  • Writing a program is more difficult
  • Complex testing processes and debugging
  • Potential deadlock occurrence is higher

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