Why Android Use Java Language?

Reasons To Why Android Use Java

Why android use java
Android Uses Java

Why android use Java? ~ Java familiarity among developers and programmers has become the key to create a program a bit quicker. This applies more to google’s android mobile platform than to Apple iOS ore Microsoft Windows Phone Platform.

InfoWorld.com surveyed about 464 developers world-wide to collect data on “how long would it take to finish a mobile app?”. 41% of it that was an android developer said it would take about a month or less, it is compared to 36% of developers who said the same about iOS and 34% on Windows Phone.

Why Java Is Choosed For Creating Android Application

There are several reasons to why java is choosed for creating an android application. Starting from multi-platform benefits, problems minimization, etc. So here is a list of those reasons :

  • An android runs on a large variation of platforms. You would need the kind of programming language that can compile and optimize your native or basic code to each of these platforms. And thus this kind of programming supports multi-platform which give developers real benefits.
  • Java protects developers from many kinds of problems that comes from the basic of its native code. For example, bad pointer usage, memory leaks, etc.
  • Developers that is already proficient in Java are all around the world with a large number.
  • Java has many libraries and tools with huge open source support to make developers code easily.
  • It is a programming language that allows developers to create a better app security model so when on app goes bad it won’t tear down the entire os. Java also allows developers to create a sandbox applications.


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