Why Java Is So Popular?

Biggest Reasons Why Java Is So Popular Amongst Programmers

Why Java Is So Popular
Perhaps #1 Programming Language

Why Java Is So Popular ~ Today we’re talking about the factors that make the 20 years old programming language “Java” is still popular amongst programmers. Nowadays Java is still the most popular programming language for developing an enterprise application.

From the development of games like Minecraft. To public organizations or enterprise like banks and insurance companies, or maybe retailers and manufacturers, almost all of them use Java or at least knew that Java exists.

And that happened because of this one big reason. What I tell you now would probably be the biggest reason why Java is so popular from then to now. Well, it is because Java is platform independence, it means that Java is able to run on different types of computer. As long as that computer has JRE ( Java Runtime Environment) installed, Java would run just fine.

And this is Java biggest advantages, because most types of computers are compatible with a JRE, like PC on a Windows, Macintosh computers, Unix or Linux, and moreover a Mobile phone.

Other Reasons Why Java Is So Popular

  • Practicality
  • Scalability/Performance/Reliability
  • Freshness
  • Backwards Compatibility

Main Key Areas That Java Is Bein Used :

  • Java Web Applications
  • Android Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • Software Tools

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The programming language that I specialize in is Java, because I think Java programming language is more universal and of course because I like it regardless of any reason.

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