Red Hat Maintains OpenJDK 8 and 11

As for today, Java 8 is one of the most widely used version of Java. While Java 11 is the first long-term-support (LTS) version of Java.

Oracle released JDK 8 based on OpenJDK in March 2014, while JDK 11 was released in the September of 2018.

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The End Of Java 8 Oracle Public Updates

End Of Java 8 Oracle Public Updates ~ Developers will use a platform to build successful products that would solve problem which could not be easily solved before.

And as the time goes by, platform evolves to offer new features that would make that platform even stronger for newer use cases.

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About Jakarta Enterprise Edition

So what is Jakarta EE?

What is Jakarta Enterprise Edition ~ In the past, Java EE has been a major platform for many enterprise applications. Now in order to accelerate business applications development aiming the “cloud-native” world, Java EE technologies are moved to the Eclipse Foundation.

Where inside the Eclipse Foundation Java EE technologies will evolve under the new Jakarta EE brand.

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Google Cloud Run

What is Google Cloud Run?

Google Cloud Run is a managed compute platform that enables us to run stateless containers that are invocable via HTTP requests. It is serverless: which means it abstracts away all infrastructures so you can focus on building great applications.

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Things Developers Need To Know About JShell Features

The Java Shell Tool or known as JShell is an interactive tool used for learning Java programming language and creating Java code prototype. JShell (JShell features) was introduced in JDK 9.

JShell is an REPL(Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) which evaluates expressions, statements and declarations. JShell REPL immediately shows results as soon as the value are entered.

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Meet Quarkus : Kubernetes native Java Framework

Red Hat is looking forward to bring Java to a more modern computer archetype. They are going to proved Java a tool tuned to Kubernetes and serverless environments.

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Don’t miss on Java Technology Latest Trends

Since the day Java got released, it is still evolving and growing. It possesses a spot amongst widely-used programming languages and popular platforms.

Java keeps itself updated with the latest trend and technology that would make Java an easy platform to use even more than before.

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What’s new in Java 13?

The new Java version are just around this corner of the year.

Although its release date would be later this year, we have a little sneak peek on what feature that would have come to the new Java 13.

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What Is Pointer?

First of all, what is Pointer? of course, here we are talking about pointer in the computer programming terms. A pointer basically is a variable which holds the address of another value located in the computer memory. It holds the address of other variable of the specified data type like int, float & char.

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Java Throw Exception

The throw keyword in Java is used to “throw” an exception.

By using Java throw keyword, we can throw either checked nor unchecked exceptions. The throw keyword is mainly used to throw custom exception.

Syntax of the Java throw keyword is written below :

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