Benefits of Programming Learning

Why Should I Learn Programming?

benefits of progamming learning

Benefits of programming learning ~With thousands of careers and jobs available out there, you might think “what am I going to do with my life?”. And what if the things you’ve studied for years end up to actually be “not for me”?.

Maybe you have picked the wrong choice many years ago, and you want to fix your life. So, why don’t you try computer programming? with a salary that could reach $115k in the US alone, it seems like an interesting offer.

Here’s a list for benefits of programming learning :

  • Create your own schedule

You can always find a place to learn a programming language on the internet. A lot of it is really good at teaching programmings, such as Khan Academy, and many much more.

That also means you can set your schedule for your programming lesson anytime you want. This also applies if you work as a developer. For example, you’re working on your own website or application, you can set your schedule just like the way you want it.

You can take a break in the middle of a week, or even wake up early on a Saturday morning to get back to work.

  • Have more free time

This somehow related to you being able to freely set your schedule for programming(if you work for yourself). It’s not like you need to work for 12 hours a day and 5 to 6 days a week. You can have more free time than most jobs do.

You can have more time to rest or maybe pursue your side projects and interest. Isn’t it nice? that you can have more time to do your hobby, while still making the big bucks.

  • Program anywhere

So where do I start?

It’s never too late to learn, as long as you have the will to overcome the obstacles you will eventually prevail. If you have some doubt on what you should do first, consider this programming spectrum on IEEE Spectrum.

Things you should also consider :

  • Future prospect of the programming language
  • Your dream or things you want to accomplish
  • The difficulty of a programming language (you should try HTML, Javascript or Java first).

So, where you’d want to step now?

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Rafif Santika

The programming language that I specialize in is Java, because I think Java programming language is more universal and of course because I like it regardless of any reason.

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  1. Glad to hear. I really appreciate what you think and what you want to achieve ..

    Learning programming can be a hobby and of course if you study more deeply it will produce greater profits.

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