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How to Create a Password Application In Java

Password login

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Tutorial On How To Create A Password Application In Java

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a password application in Java. This application is using JPasswordField class.

The password field, of course, let users to enter a password. And just like every form of password around the world, password field displays echo characters instead of the password itself. The default echo character is a bullet, but you can change that echo character to any character on your keyboard.
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user input program

How To Get User Input Using Console

Get User Input

Get User Input – Creating data by manually changing the variable inside the code is a usual thing to do. But, what if the data you need doesn’t exist yet? and that is until someone inputs it to your program.

Let’s do a small step and try to get input from users using the IDE’s console/terminal. This is a very easy thing to do, you can try to edit the code in any way you want it.

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Advantages of Multithreading

Various Advantages of Multithreading

multitasking is and advantages of multithreading

Multitasking synonymous with efficiency

Advantages of Multithreading ~ These days the shortage of time has led us to a multitasking activities. Where that multitasking has been synonymous with the needs of efficiency. And that is not an exception for the programming world, a program that does a single task is just not enough anymore.

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Properties Class Inside Java Language

What Is Properties Class In Java?

Properties class in java uses both key and value pair as a string. Thus, the properties class can be used to store data. this class can be used to get data from properties file and store data to properties file. It can be used to get the Properties of System as well.

The Advantage Of Properties File

It’s a properties class file, thus it requires no recompilation. So if there is a change of information from the properties file. As a result java class doesn’t need to recompile by the user. In addition the programs frequently changed the information inside this properties class.

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Definition Of Comparator Interface

Definition Of Comparator Interface

Definition Of Comparator Interface ~ First of all, before reading this post you should understand what is an interface in craftingez6-coding.

You can found comparator interface in java.util.package and it contains 2 methods. Thus 2 of those methods are : .compare(obj1, obj2) and equals(Object element)

compare() method

public int compare(object1, object2)

Java Comparator Example (non-generic style)

Thus for this example I’ve created 2 class of sorting elements in the base of age and name. Due to the sake of simplicity of this article i’ve only created 2 :

  1. Age Comparator
  2. Name Comparator

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What is a Comparable Interface?

What is a Comparable Interface?

What is a comparable interface – Coders can also order objects using java comparable interface. And rather than any type of class for that object. As a result, java uses user-defined class for this interface.

You can find java comparable interface inside the java.lang package since it is located inside that package. Therefore it contains only 1 method which seems like to be CompareTo(objects). Furthermore the interface provides single sorting element on a single data member only. So For an example it may be rollno, name, age or anything else.

compareTo(Object obj) method

Therefore to compare the current object with the specified object we used the syntax :

public int compareTo(Object obj)

Hence, Here is a list of what the element we can sort :

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Data Structure Definition Java

What is Data Structure?

Data Structure in javaData Structure,

first of all lets break it down to pieces : Data and Structure.
What is a data? Googling on the internet said :

Philosophy “things that is probably known or assumed as facts, making the basis of reasoning or calculation”.
                    Computing “the quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, being stored and transmitted in the form of another electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media

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Java Modifiers Types Definition

Java Modifiers Types

So, folks.. first of all what goes through your mind when you hear “modify”, well for me when I hear that word the simplest meaning is to “change”. So what is a modifier, basically modifiers (In java) are a keywords that you can add to those definitions to change their meanings. In the java language there are a wide range of variety for java modifiers types, including the following modifiers :

  • Java Access Modifiers 
  • Java Non Access Modifiers

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