Diffference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Diffference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a leading technological advancement that is growing rapidly in recent years. Both of them seems to be used interchangeably between one another.

Even though they are closely related and some times used interchangeably, AI and Machine Learning are not quite the same thing. They have their own specific definition and function, but the perception that they are the same thing can lead some people to confusion. So today we’ll be talking about the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Both terms pop up very frequently when people are having a topic on Data, Analytics and wider waves of technological change and advancements which are shaping our world.

Both terms own definition

let’s first take a look on both terms own definition, which may help us on differentiating the two of them.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad concept of machinee and/or device being able to perform a tasks in a way that we would consider “smart”. Or in other world in order to perform that tasks, one must have somewhat of an intelligence.


Machine Learning is the capability of learning in which machine can learn by its own through given data without being explicitly programmed. Machine Learning is an application of AI that provide machine the ability to automatically learn and improve itself through experience.

Key diffference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning is defined as an acquisition of knowledge or skill,
  • It aims to increase accuracy, but does not care about success,
  • A simple concept of machine taking data and machine learning from that data,
  • the goal is to learn from data on a certain task to boost or maximize machine performance on that certain task,
  • Machine Learning allows system to learn new things from data, or analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence can be defined as an intelligence that has the ability to acquire and apply knowledge,
  • AI aim is to increase chance of success and not accuracy,
  • It works as a computer program or software that can do “Smart” work,
  • Artificial Intelligence goal is to simulate natural intelligence to solve complicated problems,
  • AI is more of a decision making,
  • It leads to develop a system that mimic human behavior in order to respond in a circumstances.

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