Don’t miss on Java Technology Latest Trends

Since the day Java got released, it is still evolving and growing. It possesses a spot amongst widely-used programming languages and popular platforms.

Java keeps itself updated with the latest trend and technology that would make Java an easy platform to use even more than before.

As for today more than 3 billion devices and 9 million programmers used Java nowadays. It is clearly an outstanding number.

Java has set itself at a steady positions in the top 25 list of programming languages. Why? you would ask, simple.. It offers you mulltiple user-efficient features such as easey debug procedure, universal compatibility etc.

Now let’s check out what tools and trends that will take placein Java that will make it more powerful :

Accelerated convergence

The efforts to simplify software development and management bind the relationship between containers and runtime like Java.

To enable this seamless management and development of Java apps, both on containers and runtimes are optimized side by side. The goal is to deliver consistent memory management, and easy wiring between Java constructs and containers to acquire the advantages from utilizing both containers and Java runtimes.

Faster Release Model

The six-month release interval has become another major advancements that basically means there would be changes oftenly and faster introduction of features to Java applications.

However, major enterprises would have to wait a bit longer for long-term release support though. Still, it will be much easier for all developers in the future development.

Serverless platforms

More and more demand for serverless platform is increasing each day. Now developers are more interested in staying focused on working their applications without worrying about servers.

This means that servers of Java will have to be optimized and re-architected and re-structured to work in a serverless environement.

So, the conclusions are, if you want to invest in java app development, go ahead. Because undoubtedly, by looking at the stats above, java is not att all going to see an end in the coming years.

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