Google Go App: A lighter, faster way to search

Google Go App

After releasing YouTube GO and Files GO a couple years back, Google has released another “GO” app now known as the Google Go app on the Play Store.

This new “Go” app belong to the new set of lite apps made by Google for the new announced Android Go Edition Operating System. The new app is of course “free” to download and use by android users around the globe. And as the name suggest it is the lighter version of the official native Google.

Google Go takes up only 7 MB of space and claimed to be able to save 40% of data when used for searching the internet. With a size that is really small, smartphone that only has less that 1 GB of space can still be able to install Google Go application.

You can count on Google Go when you are searching in an area who only has 2G connection. Google Go will also work when the network is not stable, pretty neat.

If you’re disconnected from the network, Google Go will save that search result to be displayed again when users came back.

Differences with native Google app

The number one differences from Google Go and Google native app are its size. It is the first thing you would notice from both apps. While the native Google app takes up about 135 MB of your phone storage, the new Google Go application is just 7 MB in size.

Other differences you can see is in the layout itself. The native app home page shows Tappable shortcuts and “Personalised Feeds”. Now it uses machine learning algorithm to show “Feeds” based on users interest combined with search history from all Google apps on that smartphone. While all these features are very useful, it will also make the Google app more “data-intensive”

What Google Go does is, its taking you away from all of these data-intensive elements. Instead of showing you News feed, this application shows icon of Google services such as Search, Voice search, Youtube, Maps, and Translate on the home page. You can also add your favourite apps to the line.

Recently, Google Go gather all popular apps and categorize it. These categories includes entertainment, news, social, sport, shopping even banking. The best part is that most of these apps work within the app itself.

Overall, Google Go app is much faster at loading web pages compared to the native google app. It has a simple yet unique layout with icons that is easily identifiable.

Google design this application for you who have slow network connection, and not so powerful device.

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