Jakarta EE 8 Arrived 2019

Jakarta EE 8 Arrived on 2019 – Java being open-source is not a new thing for all of us. It has been a long, long time ago since Sun open-sourced some of Java as old as November 2006. And now for Java (actually Jakarta) in the enterprise things have changed.

On the september 10th of 2019, Eclipse Foundation announced that the long awaited Jakarta EE 8 has been released as full open-sourc, along with Full platform and Web Profile specifications and related TCKs (Technology Compatibility Kits)

This happens because Oracle let go most of Java EE intellectual property, but not fully given away unfortunately. Oracle retains “Java” trademark though. And because of that Java EE naming convention has been changed to Jakarta EE.

Don’t worry, for practical programming and produciton purposes, the next generation of enterprise Java is the Jakarta EE.

Is it compatible with previous Java EE 8?

Eclipse Foundations Jakarta EE 8 specifications are full compatible with the Java EE 8 specifications. It also includes the same Javadoc and same APIs and the same programming model the Java community developers have always used, thus giving it a sense of home.

Jakarta EE 8 Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs) are of course based and fully compatible with Java EE 8 TCKs. Now what makes it really matters when Jakarta EE 8 arrived? This matters because now enterprise customers are able to migrate and or move to Jakarta EE 8, without making any changes to their Java EE 8 applications

As stated by Mark Little, Red Hat’s JBoss, CTO, “Having Jakarta EE 8 fully compatible with Java EE 8 is likewise important so that existing Java EE 8 applications and developers can be confident they can move their applications seamlessly to the Eclipse Foundation effort.” 

Most of the Jakarta EE working group vendors are intending to certify their Java EE as Jakarta EE 8 compatible. In other words, we can all say Jakarta EE is the future of the Java EE.

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