Explained: Java Coffee Mug History

Java Coffee Mug History

Java Coffee Mug HistoryJava Coffee Mug History ~ Java is a high-level programming language that has been around for a long time since its release. And now almost anyone usesĀ it now, it’s only a small percentage of those people who know the history of the cup. Do you even know the history of it? well, in fact… the story is rather interesting as you’ll find out.

So it all began in 1982 when Sun Microsystems (which later became Oracle) started to develop a programming language. They kick off with a handful of people that they had. When they finally had the programming language in their hand, they gave a name to it, which was “Oak”. Oak seems like a good name in the beginning, but soon they found out that Oak is already taken by another company. So they really need to get a new name for it.

To think of it, naming something which would be one of the most popular and most used programming languages worldwide is not quite as easy as it looks. They need something memorable, something that is lively and fun to say. Then the team took brainstorming sessions upon hours. Someone randomly called out the name Java, because they had consumed a large quantity of coffee at that time.

How Could Java Refer To A Coffee?

For the record, Java is associated with coffee because Java is an actual island in Indonesia where coffee is planted.

Coffee grew in Java island in Indonesia thanks to some coffee smuggling from Ethiopia, which led to a large amount of coffee tree on the island of Java. Not only that, many people find that it has a really good taste and many fell in love with it. And by that, people are using Java as a slang for coffee these days.

Ever since that intense brainstorming day, Java has been a really familiar programming language name amongst all programmers worldwide.


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