Java vs Kotlin

Java vs Kotlin compared

Still continuing the last topic on Google being Kotlin-First for Android app development, now we’ll take a look when Java vs Kotlin is compared side to side.

If before we only look Kotlin at its best performance, now we’ll take a look on both Java & Kotlin based on its advantages and disadvantages. It should be a pretty close battle, since Kotlin came from Java and both use the Java Virtual Machine.

Advantages & Disadvatages

Java advantages

  • Simple: Java is simple mainly because Java is easy to use, write, compile and learn compared to other programming languages. Java is also simpler than C++ because Java has automatic memory allocation and garbage collection.
  • Object-Oriented: OOP is associated with concepts on the language like class, object, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, etc. Which these concepts will allow you to create modular programs and reusable code for the future.
  • Platform-independent / multi-platform: In many years Java provides its users with the “Write once, run anywhere” concept. Where you would only write Java on one platform, and being able to run the code in all Hardware and Software through the JVM (this includes Java compatible browser).’
  • Rich APIs and also a powerful Opensource development tools.

Java disadvantages

  • Performance: Relatively slower and more memory consuming than native-compiled programming languages such as C++
  • No support for low-level programming
  • Poor features in GUI

Now that we have taken a look at Java’s advantages and disadvantages, it’s now time for us to see the comparison with Kotlin

Kotlin advantages

Kotlin came from Java, hence it inherits Java advantages and overcome its predecessor limitations. Being able to over come its older language limitations is a huge advantages for the new Kotlin.

Here are some advantages Kotlin manage to take by overcoming Java limitations:

  • Concise: Reducing the amount of boilerplate code.
  • Interoperability: Interoperability, has been Kotlin purpose since the beginning. From the start, the project purpose is to use existing knowledge and expertise to make every libraries available to Kotlin. By doing this, developers can write a modul in Kotlin and fully able to use it in Java codes.
  • Null Safety
  • No Checked exception.

Kotlin disadvantages

  • Developer community not as big as Java’s
  • Being new, it’s relatively not easy to find an experienced professional.
  • Being close to Java, it still differs in many ways. Which means if you would move your project to Kotlin, there would be something to learn first.

After seeing this comparison on Java vs Kotlin, which would you prefer now?

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