JQuery JS Library

What Is Jquery?

JQuery JS LibrarySo what is Jquery JS library, well.. there is 3 main programming language that makes a website alive. Those 3 are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition, Javascript has many libraries and the most popular ones are JQuery.

JQuery is especially designed to simplify the use of Javascript on your website to make it interactive and and attractive. It simplifiesĀ things such as HTML manipulation, animation etc.

It makes your work of doing Javascript much more easier. For example, in someĀ conditions you can replace 10 lines of Javascript with only 1 line of JQuery. How great is that? It really applies the concept of “write less, do more”.

What I Can Do With JQuery JS Library?

So, what we can do with using JQuery. There is a lot of things we can do using JQuery infact. Starting from HTML to DOM and even CSS manipulation. You can also create a slideshow to make your website more interesting and more appealing.

Here are a list of feature in JQuery :

  • CSS Manipulation
  • HTML Manipulation
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Creating a drag & drop interface to sort website content
  • Create a slideshow animation
  • Create an effect or animation to website elements.

We can conclude that among another Java frameworks, JQuery is the most popular and most extendable. Many big names on the internet use JQuery, those are :

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. IBM
  4. Netflix

So, do you have any intention to use JQuery JS Library now?

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