Do Open Source Software Generates Money?

Do Open Source Software Generates Money

Open source software is very familiar for many of us these days. It is free computer software released alongside with its code. The person who make the software released it under the license to use, modify or to distribute the Software. Big companies such as Google, and Oracle also support open source softwares. One out of many reason for people to create open source software is because they simply love coding. But do open source software generates money? How do open source programmers and/or companies create an income?

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The Downside Of Cloud Computing

the downside of cloud computing

The Downside of Cloud Computing – Most of you probably had heard about the term Cloud computing and Hosted services. You may read a lot of its advantages, but have you taken the time to explore cloud computing disadvantages?

As a clever and educated consumer, you know that you should weigh both the pros and the cons of cloud computing before making any decision. Because like all great technology, cloud services do come with a few downsides.

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What To Expect From The Future of AI

The future of AI – What can differentiate us (modern world human) with our predecessor is our invention.

We as human are evolving with our environment, created and further constructed everything we can touch see and touch. One thing that is commong between our predecessor, us and the next generation would be “brain”.

Speaking of brain, there is also another brain created by human itself, it is the Artificial Intelligence or more commonly known as AI.

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