Programming Language For Game Development

List Of Programming Language For Game Development

Programming Language For Game DevelopmentProgramming language for game development ~ Gaming industries is growing so fast this decade. Starting from the PlayStation 1 in 1994 to the PlayStation 4 in the present day. Not to mention Xbox, Nintendo and other kinds of consoles. And the PC with steam that has over than 5000 games with varieties of genres that’s available for all of us to enjoy(including the good and the bad).

Of course, we people are demanding more games each and every year. That has been the reason why more people are interested in game development. But, the road to success is not that simple, you will not have your multi-million dollar company without starting from scratch.

So, what kind of programming language for game development that developers use? here are 3 popular programming language for game development :

  • C based programming language (C++, C# etc.)
  • Java
  • Javascript


The big console games mainly use C++ for their programming language. Mainly for performance issues. Since C++ directly compile the code that we write into a machine code as I have said in my early post. Also, C++ programmer is in total control of the hardware such as memory, graphics, sound etc. without going through interfaces and layers. Windows or PC games are about the same.

To make life a bit easier, PC and Console game devs will use an object-oriented programming language. What object-oriented means is that it uses an internal structure to organize codes into reusable blocks(objects and classes).

Here are a few facts about C based language :

  • First generations of video games are straight c or assembly(machine code).
  • Objective C is the apple version of C, it’s similar to C++ but is the main language for iOS.
  • C# was developed by Microsoft as an alternative to Java. It was mainly used to create Windows programs and tools. But lately, it gained a spotlight for creating games (Unity).


Well, if you want to create calm indie games or 2D games, then Java is best suits you. It’s not impossible to create big heavy games, but it may take a lot more work compared to C based language. Plus, the hardware won’t give enough performance to the games prior to the limited hardware access given by Java.

Sometimes it’s not about that big, massive, stunningly graphical games that people want. Take a look at Minecraft, it’s full of cubes but yet the creative gameplay makes it unique and differs it from the other games and many people loved it.


If you want to create flash games on your website, Javascript would be perfect. Not only it’s one of the 3 main languages to make a website, but it has also been a place for indie and flash games to rise.

It’s easy to learn but of course, bigger games are a lot more complex and not as easy to learn compared to Javascript. This would be the perfect language to spend your time if you don’t have anything to do at home and want to do something simple and neat.

What programming language do I need to use then? Well, this question can only be answered by you and only yourself. Ask yourself, what kind of games that you really want to make. If you’re sure about what you want, then you can finally choose one language to start working on.

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