Python Overthrow Java on Github

Pythong overthrow Java on Github

Recently, according to GitHub’s 2019 State of the Octoverse report on the usage of this popular code-sharing site, Python overthrow Java on Github. Python has taken the second place for most-popular language in GitHub, after overtaking java for the first time and following up just behind JavaScript.

How Python Overthrow Java on Github

Python’s growth is driven by the increase of usage by data science professionals and many hobbyists.

The rankings were based on the number of unique code contributors to public and private repositories tagged to the approriate primary language.

Here are the rankings for the most-popular language in Github according to Github’s State of the Octoverse:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
  • C++
  • TypeScript
  • Shell
  • C
  • Ruby

There are also other programming language who gains a lot of contributors in the past years. Github also stated that they “also saw trends toward statically typed languages focused on type safety and interoperability: the Rust, Kotlin, and TypeScript communities are still growing fast.” These programming language would be listed as the fastest growing language by Github and here are the list :

  1. Dart-532%
  2. Rust-235%
  3. HCL-213%
  4. Kotlin-182%
  5. TypeScript-161%
  6. PowerShell-154%
  7. Apex-154%
  8. Python-151%
  9. Assembly-149%
  10. Go-147%

The State of the Octoverse by GitHub is based on the data from October 1, 2018 up until Setember 30, 2019.

GitHub additional finding for The State of the Octoverse

GitHub also posted other additional finding for the past one year of activity on GitHub. Including:

  • There are 40 million+ developers on GitHub, including 10M new users in 2019 alone.
  • 44 milion+ repositories are created in the past one year
  • 44% more developers have created their first repositories in 2019 compared to 2018
  • Ever since 2014, GitHub see the increase of contributing developers that came from outside the United States
  • 7,6 million+ security alerts remediated in 2019 by developers, maintainers and security researchers across the community.On average GitHub welcomed contributors from 41 different countries for each open source projets in 2019
  • Top 20 regions outside the US by open source use:

United Kingdom
Hong Kong (SAR)
Republic of Korea

You can see the other details posted by GitHub on The State of the Octoverse

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