Should You Move To Kotlin?

Why should you move to Kotlin? As we recently know that Google are shifting gears from using Java as main language for Android development, to now focusing on Kotlin-First development.

This of course had an impact to the Java Android community, because from now on features that would support the development on Android would go to Kotlin.

Some of you who’s been using Java for Android devs may think to move or start your project to Kotlin from now on, following the technological evolution. But should you move to kotlin for real?

Why should you move to Kotlin?

About Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically-typed , modern programming language that features either OOP or functional programming constructs. Kotlin has targeted serveral platforms including the Java Virtual Machines.

Kotlin also built to be fully interoperable with the Java language. Some may even say that Kotlin is Java if it were designed today in this era.

Kotlin has attracted a lot of attention in recent years after its official release in 2016. This event started to grow big especially since Google announced its support for Kotlin, back then only as an “alternative” to Java on Android platforms.

Now after the recent announcement of Google’s decision to make Kotlin the no.1 programming language for Android, you may wonder if it’s really the time to start using a new programming language.

Reasons to move to Kotlin

Here are some reasons for you to move to Kotlin, in no order :

  • Kotlin is clean, compact syntax ,
  • Null saftey,
  • Functions and functional programming,
  • Interoperable with Java,
  • Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode or JavaScript,
  • Kotlin programs can use all existing Java frameworks and libraries,
  • And most importantly, Kotlin is the main programming language for Android apps development.

So what you plan on doing for the next step? would you move to the new and fresh modern programming language also the main programming language for Android, or would you stay on Java etc. and do everything based on what you know and comfortable of, instead of learning and implementing a new programming languae?

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