Software Jobs Pay Twice In The US

Software Jobs Pay Twice

“Software Jobs Pay Twice In The US” it is becoming more and more inevitable that we can no longer separate technology from our life. It has become something that stick to us, something that has been a tradition.

These days technological advancement has numerous achievement that can really impact the world. Nowaday, a couple year of work can outweigh even decades worth of work. We can compare it to the days when we live without all of our todays technology.

Since the world technological advancement are growing and evolving at a rapid pace, people who have the skill to work with modern technology are more and more needed each and every year.

But today we won’t talk about the overall technology industry and employment around the world. Today we’ll go a bit more specific.

Our main topic for today is about computer technology, and we’ll get even more specific actually, our main topic is about computer software technology. I mean, i might as well just give you the title for our main topic, today we’ll talk about this: Software Jobs Pay Twice In The US.

What kind of software job is it?

There are many types of software job available around the world, or even in the US. All you would need is some experience in programming and have a hight spirit in learning.

When it comes to software jobs who look very promising would probably be Machine learning specialist and Data scientist.

All you need is some programming experience and a passion for learning. Particularly the Machine learning and Data science field looking very promising for both beginners and experienced programmers.

On average employes who are a machine learning specialist or a Data scientist can make around %110,000 up to $120,000. Besides that, a huge demand are surfacing to employ a machine learning specialist and a Data scientist (according to

Of course there are many other types of sofware job available, such as web developer, mobile app developer, DevOps specialist etc. etc.

Why can software jobs have a high annual salary?

The average annual wage for all US workers in 2018 are about $51,960, but the average annual wage for software jobs 2019 in the US are about $114,000.

Why can this occur you may ask. All jobs that have a high average annual wage are based from these factors below (according to

  • Demand
  • Stress levels
  • 10-year growth percentage
  • 10-year growth volume
  • Work/life balance

As more and more businesses move to the digital era, companies will be more dependent on technology to be able to function. This means software developers or engineers wouldn’t just be needed by technology companies. It is possible that all types of businesses need to develop and support internal and external applications and or software.

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