Top 3 Languages for AI Programming

Languages for AI programming ~ From Alexa to robotic machinery, the possibility of work that an AI can do is overwhelming. It doesn’t suprise us that some AI has even replaced human resource.

We can all say that diving into an AI business is a good thing to try, since we can see a bright future for the evolution of AI. So how can you manage to get inside the AI circle?

What is an AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially most commonly computer systems.

These so called “processes” includes; learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Such applications of AI includes expert systems, speech recognition and even machine vision.

It’s not particularly easy to create a fully functional AI, but with the right approach things could get easier.

So here are top 3 languages for AI programming you can start to check out right now.

3 Languages for AI programming


Python is know for its simplicity, and thus many developer would consider python in the first place in a list of AI development languages.

Syntaxes in python are very simple and can be easily learnt. This makes many AI algorithms available that can be easily implented to your Python code. Also, Python takes less development compared to other languages like Java, C++ or Ruby.

In example, Python has a library which can be used in machine learning called Pybrain. Or “Numpy” a library used in Pythong to solve scientific computations.


Compared to other languages in this list, Lisp has the longest run on AI development. Therefore, it somehow give influence to other programming languages such as R, Python etc.

Created by John McCarthy (also known as father of AI) in 1985. Developers says that Lisp has been the heart of AI development, even until today. Of course if we look at the history, Lisp itself was created by the “father” of Artifial Intelligence at that time, no wonder it still holds on until today.

In the context of AI development, Lisp was a popular language. But its concept of AI differs from what AI concept and needs today.

If we look at its difficulty, learning Lisp is rather difficult, and is not recommended for beginners


Look at what we have here, Java. Still relentless to be the programming language that can do many things.

Well of course Java can absolutely be considered as a good choice for AI development. Artificial intelligence mostly has to do with search algorithms, artificial neural networks and genetic programming, which Java could offer.

Java provides many benefits for its developer, such as; easy use, easy debugging, simplified work on a large-scale projects, graphical representation of data and improved user interaction.

As Java enables seamless access to big data platforms like Apache Spark, it settled its ground within data analytics related AI development. Not to mention it also works seamlessly with search engine algorithms, or the fact that Java would also be the choice for people who wants to do robotic projects.

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