Usage of USB Debugging on Android

What is USB Debugging on Android?

usb debugging on android

So what is USB debugging on android? this is actually a commonly used option by android users. But often many people use USB debugging on android without giving it a second thought, thinking about what it is really meant to do.

Basically, USB debugging is a way for android to communicate to its SDK through a USB cable. It’s a way to allow an Android device to transfer information(files) to and from a computer. It lets you root your device, give ADB commands, and let you fix your phone.

What does it do?

Its name speaks for itself. USB debugging some time means tracking bugs on your Android device software. And when I’m talking about bugs I don’t mean bugs that have wings and can bite you anytime. What I meant is an error inside a software, that can cause the program to quit or behave in an unintended manner.

Traditionally, USB debugging allows an Android device to communicate with the Android Software Development Kit(SDK).


of course, everything has its flaws and disadvantages, and this time it is related to security. When you turned on USB debugging it automatically allows a connection to happen when you plug it into a USB port. It’s not merely a problem when you plug your android to your personal computer or known device.

The problem came when you have to plug your Android to an unfamiliar USB port. Whoever has access to that USB port could have easily stolen all your private information/data through USB debugging mode. And they won’t stop just there, they may even put some kind of malware that can harm your android device.

But here comes a magnificent news. Google has put a safety net underneath the USB debugging mode. Whenever your android device is plugged into a USB port, it will show you a prompt. That prompt will give you a choice whether to accept connection to your device. If you deny the access then the connection to your Android device will stay shut no matter what USB port is used.

So keep one thing in mind, only accept USB port connection if you really really trust that USB port.

You should only leave your USB debugging mode on Android set to enabled all time when you are a developer trying to develop your Android device.

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