What is Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning
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Our ability to learn new things, and getting better at tasks that are given to us through experience is part of us being human. When we’re born, we know nothing at all and can’t do anything for ourselves at all, well at least we can cry.

But soon enough, we learn and get more capable at things every day, and do you know that computers or machines can do that as well?

Machine learning is a scientific study of statistics and algorithms that computer systems use to perform a specific task. It performs the tasks without specific instructions from a human, and instead rely on patterns and inference instead. In another word it performs tasks based on experience.

The algorithm builds a mathematical model based on sample data, in order to make decisions without being explicitly programmed to perform a specific task.

When Machine Learning first came out

In 1950, Alan Turing created the famous “Turing Test”. The test was addressed for computers for that time. This test was actually fairly simple – for a computer to pass, it has to be able to convince a “human” that the computer is “human” and not a computer.

Also in 1952, Arthur Samuel of IBM developed a computer program for playing checkers in the 1950s. It was the first computer program to learn as the program ran. Then Arthur Samuel came up with the phrase we all use until now which is Machine Learning.

Machine Learning applications we use in day-to-day life

Now you have understood what Machine Learning is and what it does. You might wonder what is the example of this term and how does it affects our life.

Well unless you’re living in the jungle without any computers or machines laying all around you, your life has been heavily impacted by Machine Learning.

Let us take a look at where we use the outcome of a Machine Learning application:

  • Smartphones using face detection while taking photos or unlocking themselves,
  • Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media site recommending your friends,
  • Amazon or E-Bay recommending you products based on your browsing history,
  • Youtube recommending you videos or channels based on your watch history,
  • Spam filters on your E-mail inbox,
  • Speech and Text recognition,
  • Credit card fraud detection,
  • etc.

The ability for Machine Learning to transform our world is truly mindblowing!

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