What To Expect From The Future of AI

The future of AI – What can differentiate us (modern world human) with our predecessor is our invention.

We as human are evolving with our environment, created and further constructed everything we can touch see and touch. One thing that is commong between our predecessor, us and the next generation would be “brain”.

Speaking of brain, there is also another brain created by human itself, it is the Artificial Intelligence or more commonly known as AI.

AI was initially associated with “Robots”, but in time we realize that AI has been incorporated with almost everything we use and call smart. Artificial Intelligence basically is machines that work and reack like humans; show human behaviour.

Imagine in the future we can all just sit back, relax and enjoy our day as the AI take care of our chores better. This would hugely save our time, we would also spend less energies and less efforts to get things done.

In general, AI will almost change every aspect of our daily life. While some of us will make use of AI in our home, AI would also be adopted by local to higher government system.

Not to mention the business sector, which would never turn away from this benefitial technologies advancements. Before long, we would be in a time where there are only a few things that are not affected by Artificial Intelligence.

So here is what we would expect for the future of AI in the following years

The Future of AI

AI development would be faster and speeding up exponentially

Reported from alphr.com, everything that is associated with aspects of technologies are speeding up or accelerating in its progress. This may not sound strange because we have seen and feel a huge amount of technological progress within this 2 decades.

As alphr.com stated “Futurist Ray Kurzweil calls this the “Law of Accelerating Returns”, and presents evidence that an amount of progress equal to the entire 20th century’s gains was attained between 2000 and 2014.”

If we take a look at the “Law of Accelerating, we can make a prediction. Because from 2000 until 2014 has brought us an equal amount of 20th century gains, it would be suitable to think that from 2019-(years ahead) would bring even bigger progress.

We will use Artifical Intelligence every day, every hour

Siri, Cortana, Google Now, Alexa are an obvious example of the AI we have been using. But take a look at your surrounding, and see that starting from vacuum cleaner, video games, even cars are built using Artificial Intelligence inside them.

AI and Robotics will come together

While the field or cyernetics has already meld with AI, it is expected to continue and even grow in the following years. By incorporating AI in to robotics, we can enhance our bodies, to have more strength, endurance etc.

As much as we love to make our strong body even stronger, this field of AI will be aiming and focusing to help the disabled. Those individuals who are handicapped, have permanent paralysis, and amputated limbs can be given a much higher quality of life.

other thing we would expect from the future of AI are:

  • Self driving cars,
  • Virtual assistant (I would really love to have Jarvis)
  • It will affect our lives on a personal level
  • AI being smarter than humans? (give your thoughts on this)

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