What’s new in Java 13?

The new Java version are just around this corner of the year.

Although its release date would be later this year, we have a little sneak peek on what feature that would have come to the new Java 13.

New Feature

  • Raw string literals, which can span multiple lines of source code and don’t interpret escape sequences. This was previously removed on the JDK 12.
  • Switch, a production version of switch expressions, which JDK will offer a beta implementation. This statement will be extended for use in either a statement or an expression.

Release date

Based on what we see on openjdk.java.net here are the schedule available for Java 13 release :

  • 2019/06/13 : Rampdown Phase One (fork from main line)
  • 2019/07/18 : Rampdown Phase Two
  • 2019/08/08 : Initial Release Candidate
  • 2019/08/22 : Final Release Candidate
  • 2019/09/17 : General Availability

Now this schedule is relevant as of 2019/3/26 (where it was last updated).

Early Access

There are some Early Access-Open Source builds of Java 13 that you can download on jdk.java.net

Since it is still an Early Access version of the Java new release, some disclaimers must be read carefully.

Here are some disclaimers on Early Access of Java 13 (Based on jdk.java.net) :

  • Early-access (EA) functionality might never make it into a general-availability (GA) release.
  • EA functionality might be changed or removed at any time.
  • The existence of EA builds does not imply that the functionality being tested will be present in any particular GA release.
  • The platforms supported and the packaging options available for a GA build might be different than those available for EA builds.
  • EA builds are not tested to the same level to which Oracle tests GA builds. EA builds are produced for the purpose of gathering feedback. Use for any other purpose is at your own risk.
  • EA builds might be missing security-vulnerability fixes that are available in GA builds or in other OpenJDK projects.
  • Oracle does not provide support for EA builds.

International Restriction

Due to limited intellectual property protection in some countries, the source code may only be available for some authorized countries.

If you are from a country that is not on the authorized list, unfortunately you may not be able to download the EA release.

But don’t worry, they are still reviewing this list, for addition of other countries. Or you could just wait for the official release.

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