Which Is Better : Java or C++?

What Should I Choose, Java or C++?

choosing java or c++Sometimes people compare these 2 programming languages on whether which one of it is better than the other. So today, I’m asking the question “Which Is Better: Java or C++?”. Now we need to look through many factors that will eventually lead one programming language as the winner.

No doubt that Java and C++ have their own advantages and weaknesses. So it can be a little hard for us to determine which one is better than the other. Both of them shares similarities either it’s on syntax or the fact that they are an object-oriented language.

But let’s not make it complicated, here is a list of differences between the two of them

1. Compiled & Interpreted

  • C++ is a compiled programming language, compiled means that your programs are compiled on a specific operating system. The program will only run if you use the same operating system. If in any case, you want your programs to be compatible with another operating system, you need to compile your program again on that other operating system.
  • Java is an interpreted programming language, it means that when you execute the program it will be translated to some kind of binary code. With this translation/interpretation, you could run your java program almost on any operating system that existed, regardless of where you have written the code.

2. Performance

This performance factor is somehow related to the first factor. You see, Java programs need to be interpreted during runtime. Which will eventually make  Java a little bit slower.

On the other hand, C++ is compiled into a binary, so it will run immediately at execution. By that, C++ is better at performance than Java.

3. Overloading

This is a concept where you create a code that will redefine the function of an operator or a method. C++ will allow you to redefine/overload an operator. While Java will allow you to do an overloading to a method.

There are 2 rules that you need to know when you’re overloading a method or operator :

  • The same function name is used for more than one function definition
  • The functions must differ either by the arity or types of their parameters

source : Wikipedia

Which Should You Use?

Well, basically you can answer this question by yourself. It’s purely based on what you are working with and what you’re planning to create.

C++ is a hardware-level programming language, it means that you can manipulate your hardware directly for performance and speed necessity. That’s why most game developers use C++ as their main programming language. By using C++ game developers can directly work with PC’s hardware like Memory, Hard drive, CPU etc.

Java is a programming language that is safer for the PC because it won’t allow you to do some specific direct function to protect the PC. Since Java is mainly used to create a high-level application.
You should also prefer java when you’re creating a mobile application for Android, well mainly because Java is the foundation for Android development. Plus Java is a common language for web and desktop apps as well as apps that run on a server.

The conclusion is that these 2 programming languages are best in their own environment. They show their advantages if they’re used for the right purpose. So if you have to choose between these 2 languages (Java or C++), you should choose the one that suits your projects and desire.

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