Why C++ for Video Game Development

C++ for video game development

Video game development

C++ for video game development – Video game development as the name suggest is the process of developing/creating a video game.

This process of development is undertaken by a developer, ranging from a single person to even an international team working together though separated thousand miles away.

Development of traditional commercial console and PC games is normally funded by a company known as publisher.

Normally video games development can take years to reach completion. Not to mention updates to fix bugs and other problems that are not yet fixed upon release.

Indie games usually take less time and cost less money and can be produced by individuals and smaller group of developers.

This independent game industry has been on the rise, facilitated by the growth of popular online distribution systems such as steam, uplay even mobile games market on the Android and iOS.

Why C++ is more preferred

There are many programming languages out there, and many supports developers for game development. But why does PC, Console and Indie game developers tend to use the C++ language?

C++ is a high-level programming language that uses the concept of OOP or Object Oriented Programming. It’s also the language used to build most console and Windows games. Most of the time C++ is complemented by C, and assembly languages for creating low-level enginge modules for creating games.

For tackling big games in a large gaming companies, knowing C++ for developers is critical. C++ is fast, the compilers and optimizers are solid.

It has extensive libraries, really useful when it comes for designing and powering complex gaming graphics. And another important part is that you get control over memory management.

C++ runs directly on the computers hardware. This means that you have more control over memory management, as mentioned previously. Using C++ you have control over where your hardware memory goes and what is done with that memory. Thats mainly why C++ for video game development is more preferred.

So should you really use C++?

This depends, what purpose you have for your project. It might be good to create big games using C++, but you could also use Java to create lighter games. This has been proven by Minecraft and many other games like mobile Android games.

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