Why Many Programmers Prefer Linux Over Windows

Why Many Programmers Prefer Linux Over Windows

Today we’re going to talk on why many programmers prefer Linux over Windows. Well I think you all know what Linux and Window is. But if not, let me give you a brief explanation.

Linux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution.

It’s not much of a user-friendly environment compared to Windows, but it still gives Microsoft Windows a tough time in the desktop war.

Windows on the other hand is also an operating system with user-friendly interface using a more well known GUI. Windows are also the most popular and heavily used operating system in the world

5 Advantages Why Many Programmers Prefer Linux Over Windows

Full control and Free.

When programmers use Linux they really get the sense of full control. You can get complete freedom and full control over your OS. This is what most of the developers loves, instead of being limited to a certain environment.

Not to mention, Linux is free and open source to use and distribute. With the money you just saved, you might as well go to McDonalds to please yourself 😉


We all know that Windows OS is vulnerable to multiple types of attacs or hacks. However, Linux is not as vulnerable to attacks compared to Windows. Though Linux is not invulnerable, but its sure is more secure.

When you install Windows, you probably would have to download/purchase an antivirus program to keep you safe. But Linux does not really need to have such kind of programs. Of course, you can still equip some antivirus program to have on your arsenal, but it’s often unnecessary for Linux user.

Usable for low-end computers.

Using Linux, users can utilize even their oldest computer systems to finish a task. But this doesn’t mean that every Linux would work on a 256MB of RAM(I mean who still use 256MB of RAM these days) and very old processor. Though there are options which you can get Linux distribution which run on such low-end systems i.e Puppy Linux.

If you’d wish to compare a high-end Linux system and a high-end Windows system, Linux distribution would take the edge for heavy lifting. Well, that is one of the reasons why most servers across the world prefer to run Linux rather than Windows hosting environment.

Programs application easily

Linux can support almost all major programming language including Python, C/C++, Java, etc.

The Linux terminal is better to use compared to Window’s command line for developers. Programmers can find many libraries developed natively for Linux. The package manager on Linux also helps programmers get a lot of things done easily.

Another ability Linux has is bash scripting, which is also on of the reasons why many programmers prefer Linux over Windows

Community support

For every problem, for every question there is an answer almost everytime from the community. They are really supportive and organized.

You will get detailed help with your Linux-related issues. It will also help you to learn new stuff along the way.

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